Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Costume Party - YES!!!!

I really love costume parties. I always have. This can range from a simple toga party to a no holds barred, all out, Halloween costume contest.

This love affair began in college, and those were the years when my affair was the most consistent and the most intense. If we were having or attending a theme party, we would prepare costumes. Of course, we had a toga event or two or ten—who didn’t, and a disco theme event every now and them. We dressed up for them all. Every Halloween we would be dressed up for at least one party, sometimes two.

The best part was making up the costumes. Generally, I found it lame to simply buy a $50 plastic and paper piece of junk from a costume shop. For one thing, we did not like to spend much money on such things, but more importantly, much of the fun was the creativity in thinking through an idea and making it mostly from scratch. For example, when Braveheart came out, a group of us dressed up as Scottish warriors. Kilts were made up starting from plaid skirts we purchased from a thrift shop. Swords and shields and other weapons were made from wood, cardboard, broom handles, whatever, along with paint. We purchased face paint from a costume store (it’s not like we were going to mix up our own pigment—purchasing supplies is entirely acceptable).

I think a homemade costume is generally more appreciated and accepted to the viewing audience. It does not have to be perfect, just get the idea across.

[On a side note: why buy kids these plastic swords? I remember when we were kids we made our swords, and they were a lot better than a piece of plastic. Wood, paint, and duck tape can go a long way to making one heck of a toy weapon.]

Another thing while I am on a rant: the slutty [FILL IN ANY SUBJECT] look costumes are passé, in my opinion; but they are not passé to most of society. It’s not original any more.

One year I dressed up as a co-worker who was pregnant (I am a guy—yes, I did buy a cheap wig). Another recent year a colleague and I were Miami Vice.

This year I have a plan: Rorschach. Total cost: zero$, other than an old white t-shirt which will become my mask.

“There is good and there is evil, and evil must be punished. Even in the face of Armageddon I shall not compromise in this.” - Rorschach

“For my own part, regret nothing. Have lived life, free from compromises, and step into the shadow now without complaint.” - Rorschach


Lady Brainsample said...

It's amazing the junk that people will buy these days for costumes. I was at Target browsing swill and found a gothic type red dress that looked cool, but was made with really crappy material. Thing was, they were charging forty bucks for it.
I too love coming up with costumes. Rogue a couple years ago: only bought the white hair streaking stuff and cheap black opera-length gloves.
Abby Scutio this year: cheap lab coat. Everything else I owned already.
Your Rorschach outfit is going to rock!!

Lady Brainsample said...